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Snake Quarterly Fall 2012
Brothers of Sigma Nu,

**The chapter presents to you the Fall 2012 Snake Quarterly Newsletter for the Zeta Iota Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity!**

Please enjoy all of the content and note the upcoming $100,000 fundraising campaign (highlighted on pg. 4) that will be launching at the beginning of February, 2013.

The rest of the semester event calendar is as follows:

1. Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - Alumni Advisory Board Meeting from 7pm-9pm @ Chapter House - Chapter Room (155 S. 11th St. San Jose, CA 95112)

We're still looking for more motivated alumni to help make a difference in the chapter. We had 10 attendees at the previous meeting and are still looking for dedicated members to aide the active chapter and help coordinate and pioneer new events. Please see the attached meeting minutes from the first meeting that was held on Oct. 3.
Please RSVP by replying to this e-mail so we can get a headcount for food and refreshments.
2. Thursday, November 29, 2012 - Active & Alumni Networking Night from 7pm-9pm @ San Carlos Pizza (484 E San Carlos St. San Jose, CA 95112)

We're hosting our second active & alumni networking night this semester and look forward to seeing many of you there. We're bringing active members, graduating seniors, and alumni together to talk stories, talk careers, and talk about the future. Feel free to join us here for some fun!'s a fundraising event! With a portion of sales going back to our chapter.
Please RSVP by replying to this e-mail so we can get a headcount for event planning purposes.
3. Saturday, December 8, 2012 - Active & Alumni Christmas Party from 6pm-10pm @ Chapter House (155 S. 11th St. San Jose, CA 95112)

Join us for a Christmas themed social to celebrate the holidays and bring a joyful end to the year. Let's end this calendar year on a high note for Zeta Iota. Feel free to bring a gift for a random gift exchange ($20 limit). Cocktails & Hors D'oeuvres will be provided.
Please RSVP by replying to this e-mail for catering purposes. You may bring one date if you wish.

There are just a few things that we would like to highlight in the Newsletter:
On page 2, we have a recap of the previous year and the current state of the house, as written by our Eminent Commander, Johnny Geoghegan
On page 4, we have an announcement about our upcoming fundraising campaign, as written by Alumnus Brother Ricardo Armendariz
On page 5, we have a tribute to Brother Dale von Dohren, who entered Chapter Eternal on July 18th, kindly written by his wife, Toni.
Also on page 5 is the Alumni Updates section for everything that has been going on with our Alumni base for the past year. If you would like to submit a piece of news for the next newsletter, (i.e., job changes, marriages, birth announcements, fulfilling life long dreams, etc.) please email me at
On page 6, the Chapter has included an article about the start of an exciting campaign, a movement to interview every single Alumnus Brother in order to get a more complete picture of the house. Check that out, as it will be something that will preserve the legacy of the Chapter for all decades to come.
On page 7, there is a list of our seniors graduating this semester, and what they hope to accomplish in their immediate futures.

The second document attached (in the email sent out earlier tonight) is a chance for all alums to update their contact information, as well as pick their preferences for future delivery of the newsletter (i.e., mail, email, both), if you could please fill out that form, save it and send it back to me, we will be able to streamline the process in the future.
Please contact Tim Ramsell (info below), Alumni Relations Chairman, with any questions pertaining to the newsletter or event calendar.

With that said, thank you for reading and you're invited to join us and ride our recent chapter success!


Wyatt James Harnish
Alumnus, Zeta Iota
c: 408-393-4320

Tim Ramsell
Alumni Relations Chairman
Sigma Nu Fraternity, Zeta Iota Chapter
c: 408-857-4199
Join us at the SJSU Homecoming Game!
Have your Sigma Nu & Spartan Pride on full display in the tailgate lots before the game! Our tailgate set up will be better than ever, and we expect the biggest Sigma Nu Spartan’s crowd in a long, long time. Then, cheer on the Spartans in a crucial WAC match-up and homecoming game vs. the Utah State Aggies.

Saturday, October 13th 2012 at 10am PT
The game starts at 1pm!

We would like to get all available alumni brothers to the homecoming game, as the Stanford tailgate was rocking! The energy and pride from SJSU fans was felt throughout the tailgate field and in the stadium. Great times were had as Zeta Iota rallied hours before the game to reconnect and back Spartan Football in their game against big rival Stanford.

Link to the event on Facebook
IFC Hockey Champions!
Brothers, the chapter is excited to announce that we are the IFC Hockey Champions for Spring 2012! Thank you to the team for all their hard work!
Sigma Nu Zeta Iota Second Annual Alumni Picnic Day 2012

The Chapter is proud to announce our Second Annual Alumni Picnic Day.

Just like last year we will be providing fun for the whole family, and will be providing the usual picnic items: Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Chips, Soda, Plates and Utensils. Please bring a dish to share, if you may. Feel free to bring your own food for the grill. All Details for the event can be found at the link below.


Just to be clear, tickets are indeed free. We only have them to keep track of reservations!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

In addition to the picnic day, the chapter is proud to present our Second Edition of The Snake Quarterly, following up from last semester and all the fun that was had at the 60th Anniversary!

The Newsletter can be found at the following link:

We hope to see everyone at the picnic!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Wyatt James at (408)393-4320 or OR Jesus Rojas at (559)791-5442 or
Spring 2012 Rush
The Zeta Iota chapter of Sigma Nu has started their Spring 2012 Rush. We invite all prospects, brothers, and alumni to attend.

•Jan 25th Wed. - IFC BBQ @ Tower Lawn
•Jan 26th Thur. - BBQ/Hookah @ Sigma Nu
•Jan 27th Fri. - Flag Football @ Williams Street Park at 2p.m.
•Jan 30th Mon. - Poker Night @ Sigma Nu
•Jan 31st Tue. - Gatorade Pong @ Sigma Nu
•Feb 1st Wed. - Bowling / pizza
•FEb 2nd Thur. - Sky High
•Feb 6th Mon. - Career/lead Night @ Sigma Nu
•Feb 7th Tue. - Invite Only Dinner @ Sigma Nu

* All events start at 7p.m. and meet @ Sigma NU
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